4 Reasons Why Staging Your Property Will Lead To Profitable Returns

January 15, 2020


It isn’t necessary for every prospective buyer to like your aesthetic. When you’re looking to finally shift bases and move into a new place, it becomes important to embellish your current property with the best possible features. These features play a key role in securing you the best buyer, who is willing to pay a suitable price. Striking a balance will enable you to cater to different personalities, as any given element can resonate well with their style and visual appeal.

Hence, rather than staying on the fence about staging your property, as it’s slightly expensive and time-consuming, take it upon yourself to set the tone, the appeal and the atmosphere of the house, by adding certain accent furniture pieces or by changing up the entire color scheme of the house.

  1. Create Visually More Space Than There Actually Is

Without even going through the undue hassle of remodeling or renovating, sellers can transform the visual appeal of their homes. Creating a visual illusion is key for creating a spacious environment, which includes making in-built bookshelves, fixing drawers under the bed or placing tiles on the floor in a diagonal shape, as it makes the place look visually larger.

  1. Use Strategic Lighting To Accentuate Features

When looking to give the environment a breezy, airy or more open space visual, lighting plays an instrumental role. From allowing natural sunlight to flow into the room to fixing spotlights, a seller can play around with the lights to change the mood of the room or space. Bathing the interior in a balanced sum of artificial and natural light will essentially elevate the feel of the environment, helping the property to stand out from the rest.

  1. Try Spicing Up Or Playing With The Furniture

Moving furniture away from the walls creates an illusion of more space. By picking up funky furniture pieces from the thrift market to simply moving the position of their existing furniture, sellers can do a lot to change the image of their property in the buyer’s mindset.

  1. Decorate

Adding plants, artwork, or unique pieces is great for sprucing up dull-looking corners. Rather than cluttering a wall with too many small artwork pieces, add a big and bold statement art piece against a stark white backdrop to create a larger than life visual.


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4 Reasons Why Staging Your Property Will Lead To Profitable Returns

January 15, 2020