Things to Check Through When Buying a House

January 15, 2020

Before settling on your dream property, it is extremely important to conduct a thorough rundown of key items. This is because discovering overwhelming matters, once you’re done with processing papers and understanding the loopholes, can be quite daunting and frustrating to deal with. While the process of picking out your dream home can be exciting, it is simultaneously important to not allow your thought process to waver, as otherwise, you can make ill-informed decisions.

For any prospective buyer, it is important to look through, inspect, and survey these critical issues, as otherwise, they can lead themselves down an unfamiliar rabbit hole.

  • Are there damp areas?

Sellers are notorious for repainting their walls and ceilings to cover any damp areas. In such scenarios, the buyer needs to be diligent with their processes, such as checking whether there is a moldy smell emitting from the space, if there is flaky plaster hanging from the ceiling, or if there are patches of watermarked walls. Make it a point to especially looking around the skirting boards and ceilings.

  • Is there enough storage space?

It is common for potential buyers to overlook the importance of storage space, as it’s easy to get consumed by the other features or the ideal location of the house. However, it’s important to consider where you’ll eventually store your vacuum cleaner, your junk or your house cleaning items, as opposed to getting consumed by the sheer beauty you get to witness through your bedroom window.

  • Are there any areas the seller is purposely hiding?

If there are any areas that the seller is deliberately not allowing you to look through, then this is a big red flag. See to it that you see each nook and corner of the house before you settle down on anything.

  • Are there problems with the plumbing system?

Rather than stopping at eye level, go the extra step and see to it that you check underneath the sink, to carefully inspect the pipes. During this time, check for leaks, any molds, water damage, or any foul smell, as this is a clear indication of a possible health hazard for someone with asthma.


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